Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Misti Luna and Boots!

I have two very enthusiastic helpers when it comes to creating my works of art. Or at least they think they are "helping." They sure make my days interesting!

Misti Luna was born in Texas just outside of Houston. She came home with me to New Hampshire at eight weeks old riding at my feet on the airplane. She was born on the full moon in June 2002. I cannot believe she is going to be 7 years old already! Misti Luna loves being right there while I am sewing. I can be doing anything else and she will sleep through it, but as soon as the sewing machine starts to whirr, there she is pawing at my leg!

Boots is our youngster, only two years old. He has a knack of getting into everything (typically around 5:30 in the morning!) He is usually the first to try out a new style of toy or bed. He absolutely loves the catnip mice and catnip balls. Often he will try to steal them as I am stuffing them. Boots is out Feline Feathers mascot. He can be seen lounging in his cat bed in our banner.

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