Monday, April 27, 2009

Drag and Play Parrot Toy by coocoolady

I found something for the birds! That's right! I was browsing Etsy this morning thinking that there must be stuff out there for your feathery friends. I found it!

Your bird will just love this bird toy made by coocoolady. The bright colors and bells will keep your friend entertained and interested for many quality hours of fun.

Coo Coo Lady makes the bird toys out of only bird safe materials in her smoke free home. Toy designs are tested and approved by her many bird friends, so you are sure that each one is a winner!


  1. Cute, and somehow I could see cats playing with that if it was hanging somewhere!

  2. I know my cats would! They love bells, bright colors, and things that swing.

  3. This is cute! The number blocks are so cute!