Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Craft Fair!

Feline Feathers is going to a a Craft Fair!!

The Masonic Lodge at 410 West Main St in Tilton, NH

August 15, 2009

What Time:
8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flea Season

If there is a bug that I do not like, it is the flea. It is a battle every year to keep them from entering my house. I always loose. Once the flea has come into the house it is virtually impossible to evict it. Then it invites its entire family to move in with it! What's more, they decide it's such a great place to live that they start making more fleas. Talk about an uninvited guest overstaying its welcome.

This seems like it should be such a simple problem. There are wonderful flea products out there that claim to kill fleas and keep them off of your pets. Products such as Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution really do work well to control the flea population that invades the house every year. I have used them for years with previous cats that have shared my life.

Then into my life comes Misti Luna. Misti Luna has allergies. One of her allergies is to something used in flea control products. We have almost lost Misti Luna in the war against fleas several times. Several years ago, the veterinarian all but gave up. Everything we tried made my Misti Luna sick. All we could really do was use a flea comb on her a couple times a day and try using an area spray on the floors and furniture a couple times a month.

We are now using a combination of topical flea control product for Boots, and a tiny little pill called Capstar for Misti Luna. This combo seems to be working out rather well for us so far this year. I would love to find another solution to the flea problem. Maybe something natural, but at least something that does not involve medicating my baby every few days.
Do you have animals with allergies? If so, what are you doing to overcome them?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Traditional Braided Leash--custom length by boldleaddesigns

Wow! Nice leash. I found this today while searching for leashes on Etsy. I was looking for leashes for my cats. This is a bit too heavy for my purry companions, but it would be great for your dog!

This leash is made by Bold Lead Designs. It is 3/8 inches wide and you get to choose from 3, 4, 5, or 6 foot lengths. Great size and length for your small or medium sized dogs. Also the soft leather will feel great in your hands.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tell Me about Your Pet!

I would like to do something a little bit different today. There are so many different pets out there and each one has a different personality. I'm sure they all have interesting stories.

Today, I would like you to choose one or more of your pets and tell us all about them. What do they like? What do they not like? Where did they come from? Funny stories, sad stories, interesting quirks... Tell us about them.

I'll start. Peanut is the bird in the picture. Peanut is a Cinnamon Chinese Blue Breasted Quail, AKA Button Quail. She is now a little over a year old. The chick with her was born last June and is now known as Rocky.

Peanut was the very first quail that we hatched and that survived. She and her sister were incubated in a basket under a lamp. We never thought that they would really hatch out! Unfortunately, there was not enough humidity in the basket, so her sister was born deformed. But boy did that little bird want to live! My mom and I treated them with such tender care and were handled a lot. Peanut's sister ended up passing away after a couple of weeks. Peanut was very distraught at being alone and through comforting, we formed a very close bond.

Today, Peanut just lives for scritches under her chin and for any human contact that she can get! She had a clutch of chicks last year and was a very good Mommy. She is currently sitting on two eggs from another pair. They should hatch out any day now. I cannot wait to show everyone the new babies!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Certified Organic Catnip Fleece Knot Set

Here is a great listing made by a fellow New Hampshire Etsy Street Team Member!

These fleece knots are sure to be a hit with your kitty! They are 5" long and contain a double hit of catnip. Kitty can flip the toy in the air, dig at it, fetch it, chew it and all the fun things Kitty likes to do with her favorite toy. Hours of fun for your Kitty!

Woof Purr Creations donates 5% of her sales to her favorite charities including:

Live & Let Live Farm, Chichester, NH

Another Chance Animal Rescue, North Berwick, ME

Concord SPCA, Concord, NH

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fleece Tug Dog Toy With Ball by RescueMeTugz

I found a great toy with a wonderful cause this morning!

Does your dog love to chew and tug on his toys? Do the traditional rope toys fray all over the house and end up hurting your puppy's tender mouth? This is a soft, durable toy that can withstand the tugging and pulling of a Great Dane! Because it is made of fleece, this toy is easy on your dog's mouth allowing hours of tugging fun.

Rescue Me Tugz donates all proceeds of sales from her shop to Great Dane Rescues and fundraising groups!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Drag and Play Parrot Toy by coocoolady

I found something for the birds! That's right! I was browsing Etsy this morning thinking that there must be stuff out there for your feathery friends. I found it!

Your bird will just love this bird toy made by coocoolady. The bright colors and bells will keep your friend entertained and interested for many quality hours of fun.

Coo Coo Lady makes the bird toys out of only bird safe materials in her smoke free home. Toy designs are tested and approved by her many bird friends, so you are sure that each one is a winner!