Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flea Season

If there is a bug that I do not like, it is the flea. It is a battle every year to keep them from entering my house. I always loose. Once the flea has come into the house it is virtually impossible to evict it. Then it invites its entire family to move in with it! What's more, they decide it's such a great place to live that they start making more fleas. Talk about an uninvited guest overstaying its welcome.

This seems like it should be such a simple problem. There are wonderful flea products out there that claim to kill fleas and keep them off of your pets. Products such as Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution really do work well to control the flea population that invades the house every year. I have used them for years with previous cats that have shared my life.

Then into my life comes Misti Luna. Misti Luna has allergies. One of her allergies is to something used in flea control products. We have almost lost Misti Luna in the war against fleas several times. Several years ago, the veterinarian all but gave up. Everything we tried made my Misti Luna sick. All we could really do was use a flea comb on her a couple times a day and try using an area spray on the floors and furniture a couple times a month.

We are now using a combination of topical flea control product for Boots, and a tiny little pill called Capstar for Misti Luna. This combo seems to be working out rather well for us so far this year. I would love to find another solution to the flea problem. Maybe something natural, but at least something that does not involve medicating my baby every few days.
Do you have animals with allergies? If so, what are you doing to overcome them?

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